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Section 1: The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)  


1a.  Safeguarding Children/Child Protection Policy

1b.  Intimate Care

1c.  Safe Care and Practice

1d.  Whistleblowing

1e.  Camera, Mobile Phone and Recording Device Use

1f.   Mobile Phone, Smartwatches and Social Networking

1g.  Monitoring Staff Behaviour Policy

1h.  Lone Working Policy

2a.  Inclusion and Equality

2b.  Special Consideration for Employees

2c.  Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

2d.  Looked After Children

2e.  Dealing with Discriminatory Behaviour

3.    Health and Safety – General Policy

4a.  Sickness and Illness

4b.  Infection Control

5.    Medication

6a.  Promoting Positive Behaviour

6b.  Biting

7.    Overall Approach to Risk Assessment

8.    Complaints and Compliments


Section 2: Health and Safety   


9.   Health and Safety in the Office

10. Fire Safety

11. Safety Checks

12. Manual Handling

13. Healthy Workplace

14. Animal Health and Safety

15. Sustainable Practice

16. Visits and Outings

17. Lost Child Procedure from Nursery

18. Lost Child Procedure from Outings

19. No Smoking Policy

20. Alcohol and Substance Misuse

21. Equipment and Resources

22. Critical Incident

23. Adverse Weather

24. Supervision of Children

25. Supervision of Visitors

25b. Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Section 3: Human Resources

26. Personnel

27. Staff Development and Training

28. Supervisions

29. Confidentiality

30. Safe Recruitment of Staff

31. Suitability of Staff 

32. Staff Working with Their Own Children/Close Relation

33a. Students

33b. Young Worker Policy

34. Volunteers

35. Absence Management Procedure
36. Grievance Procedure

37. Disciplinary Procedure


Section 4: Best Practice 

38. Accidents and First Aid  

39. Immunisation

40. Allergies and Allergic Reactions  

41. Sun Care   

42. Early Learning Opportunities Statement

43. Settling In

44. Transitions

45. Separated Family    

46. Nappy Changing  

47. Outdoor Play

48. Bereavement

49. Nutrition and Mealtimes

50. Parents and Carers as Partners

51. Conflict Resolution with Parents who may be Challenging 

52. Access and Storage of Information

53. Late Collection and Non-Collection

54. Admissions Policy

55. Arrivals and Departures

What our parents say about us

As both a parent and teacher I thought long and hard about which nursery setting I wanted my son to attend. I managed to find a nursery that was warm, inviting and stimulating, which provided a safe, happy and loving environment. The management and staff are skilled in engaging actively with the children, allowing them to create, explore and learn in fun ways. My son has developed immensely since being in the care of the fantastic staff who have nurtured him for 2 years. He absolutely loves nursery and runs in each day! I would thoroughly recommend the nursery to any parent. 

From the moment my daughter started this nursery until she left it has been a completely positive experience.  
My daughter has learnt so much and made so many friends. The teachers (auntie's) have been so influentialto her and this will stay with her for life.  They work sohard for the children and are genuinly invested in each child.  Each day when i picked her up she would tell me of all of the fun activities she had done that day and would come home with endless bits of art work and other things she had made.  She was so excited to go in each day.  She has had such a great start to her education by attending this nursery and we couldn't be happier. 

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